Grand Master Do Wun Kim

Mission Statement

U.S. Taekwondo Champion’s League (USTCL)
Official Information Package
Dates: March 20-April 28, 2017 (6 Weeks)

  1. Mission Statement:

U.S. Taekwondo Champions’ League will be referred to as USTCL. In this, all U.S. Taekwondo Center’s League members will demonstrate a good relationship with one another, with coaches, instructors, and parents/guardians. The display of good sportsmanship is priority for League members. USTCL will build up sparring skills and make a strong competition sport spirit. The purpose of League meet-ups is to compete and achieve ranking statuses within the League. Thus, all scheduled League meet-up days are intended for sparring scrimmaging in USTC tri-school intramural or extramural games. League members will also be expected to travel to and compete at extramural local/regional/national Taekwondo competitions as is possible. All internal scrimmage matches as well as outside competition matches will count point-wise towards members’ consistently updated rankings in the League as seen on the USTCL’s official website. USTCL will build up members’ competition demeanor and spirit. Throughout that experience, we will underscore the understanding of what roles a Coach, Competitor, and Parents play in Taekwondo competition.


Age: 6~11



65 & Under
115 and Up

65 & Under
115 and Up

Age 12 ~17



112.5 lb & Under
112.6 ~138.9 lb
139 lb ~160.9 lb
161 lb & Up

101.4lb & Under
101.5~121.3 lb
121.4~138.9 lb
139 lb & up

Age 18 ~ Up (Olympic)



127.9 & Under
128~149.9 lb
150 ~176.4 lb
176.5 lb & Up

108 lb & Under
108.1~125.7 lb
125.8~147.7 lb
147.8 & up